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Powering The Security
Token sale completed on 22 December
Goal: 52,500,000 EUR
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In order for the ecosystem to operate and to provide our customers access to a wider assortment of services, AsicVault team has designed the AsicFuel (AVF coin) that will operate on its own blockchain and will serve as an internal currency (fuel) of the AsicVault world. AsicFuel is burned by the AsicVault chips. The functionality of the AsicFuel will evolve together with the whole ecosystem and is closely tied to the project’s roadmap described earlier in this document. Using AsicFuel gives discount on our decentralized exchange and it is the main payment currency for all services. Our chips together form a proper Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). In a similar fashion to Teechan, but without locking up funds in payment channels, Trusted Execution Environment allows us to perform instant transactions between AsicVault users, you could also call them Atomic Swaps. Since we can support different cryptocurrencies without any limits, the same TEE forms high frequency trading system – Decentralized Exchange (DEX). At all times you are the owner of your private keys. You don’t have to deposit/withdraw anything. Even your personal AsicVault hardware wallet can directly participate in the decentralized exchange.

Token Sale: 25 November — 22 December
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