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Tokenizing The Use of Phone Calls
Token sale completed on 08 December
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BenePit released the AI phone M in the Korean market, which is the center of the global advertising platform, and proved the platform’s business viability for over a year. ICCI releases this innovative service platform to the global market under the name BenePit. It is the first service that combines blockchains by digitizing call records of telephone users around the world. Mobile rewards apps already exist. What separates BenePit from the rest is that BenePit addresses user discomfort when they consume ads through targeted advertising and convenient ad placement, and it goes away from things that have limited the growth of other rewards apps. The global mobile advertising platform market is growing at an exponential rate each year, and BenePit is here to deliver innovative changes to the world of mobile advertising by providing the people with a consumer-driven, rewarding advertising platform. Token sale has started! Join us as we create the change!

Token Sale: 23 November — 08 December
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