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Military Grade Security For Blockchain/FINTECH
Token sale completed on 06 September
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BitCQR is a Military-Grade global Cybersecurity solutions provider with a world-class team comprised of former INFOSEC (Information Security) Special Agents, former Special Air Service (SAS) Tactical Operatives, Doctoral researchers and global influencers. Our cybersecurity service and offering will complement existing and future businesses, by adding an additional cybersecurity and physical security protection layer to their infrastructure. While blockchain technology is built on robust cryptography, our computing devices such as servers, laptops, mobile devices are still inherently insecure. Without proper cyber protection, our digital value and digital lives are still exposed. BitCQR offers advanced security services to governments, businesses, Initial Coin Offerings and most importantly YOU, the consumer. Prior to the existence of BitCQR, robust comprehensive information and tactical security were only accessible to governments and large enterprises due to high costs.

Token Sale: 20 April — 06 September
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