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The First All-In-One Cryptocurrency Exchange
Token sale completed on 01 August
Goal: 7,500,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

BitEsprit is an all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange that features altcoin-fiat trading pairs, debit cards issued by BitEsprit that are linked to users’ fiat balances, copy trading, no-fee ICO token listing, and advanced charting functionality to redefine the way the industry thinks about altcoin exchanges.

Our mission is to eliminate the barriers of entry into the altcoin trading ecosystem for both traders and promising new projects looking to get traction. Our exchange will help traders who have been struggling with the lack of direct access to altcoins, the lack of trading expertise, unusable user interfaces, and insecure exchanges, among others. Moreover, altcoin developers have also experienced major problems caused by the exorbitant fees exchanges charge for new ICO tokens to be listed in their selections. Therefore, it is also our aim to provide these projects equal opportunities in gaining access to liquidity to help them grow without their being subjected to such financial barriers as unreasonably high listing fees. These factors have been affecting all cryptocurrency traders to a certain extent, making it pressing for there to be an integrated trading interface that includes all the services required for successful cryptocurrency trading for all skill levels.

BitEsprit is here to serve all the needs cryptocurrency trading can foster. BitEsprit is the place where users can deposit and withdraw fiat, trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and altcoins, acquire a BitEsprit debit card linked to their accounts to instantly access the funds on their account balances, copy other traders for profit, use all types of tools and indicators on their charts, and much more. With listing provably capable and trusted ICO tokens, BitEsprit will become the go-to altcoin exchange, and a global leader in cryptocurrency trading solutions.

Our proposed trading platform will also feature its ERC20 compatible Ethereum token called BitEsprit (BEC). The token will be fully integrated into our exchange, and will allow users to replace 50% of the order fees including copied orders, and replace 50% of fiat withdrawal fees. Moreover, our team is committed to devoting a part of our profits to monthly token burns, and we will charge the fee for getting cryptocurrencies other than new ICO tokens listed on our platform in BEC. The initial coin offering through which BEC can be acquired will consist of a pre-sale round with a 30% discount, and a crowdsale round. The ICO has a total hard cap of 21,878,205 USD.

As we put emphasis on transparency, besides the continual communication with our followers, we will publish business reports on a quarterly basis to keep our investors, users, and community up-to-date on the current state of our operation. Although this practice has not been widespread in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, we find it inevitable to make our exchange transparent, so as to make our community know exactly what steps we take to establish and maintain the most efficient and useful exchange in the cryptocurrency sphere.

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Members Barnabas Baranyi – Co-founder & Chief Strategy

Zsolt Volner – Co-founder & Chief Product

Patrik Burda – Mobile Developer

Richard Bohm – Python/C# Developer

Tamas Scherer – Project Manager

Zoltan Zsebok – Python/Java Developer

Henno Fourie – Target Marketing

Jack Sinclair – Marketing Strategy

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Token Sale: 01 July — 01 August
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