Bitcoin -557.81
$9,600.91 -5.81%
Ethereum -11.12
$203.71 -5.46%
Zcash -4.48
$67.81 -6.6%
Monero -2.25
$80.05 -2.81%
Tether -0.00
$0.99 -0.06%
Stellar -0.01
$0.08 -6.68%
Quantum apocalypse resistant cryptocurrency
Token sale completed on 24 December
Goal: Not set
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DapCash – first quantum apocalypse resistant crypto currency. It is based on DAP framework specially designed for fast and secure connections. Original high performance C based code. The protection in our crypto currency is based on the combination of OQS algorithms and the formation of a ring digital signature, in which it is impossible to determine which of the network participants signed this transaction. Multiple block, where blocks are combined into chains with different types of tokens, but they can contain transactions of each other. Calculation of the balance of the wallet will be made immediately for all the blockchains.

Token Sale: 23 November — 24 December
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