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Cryptocurrency, Pre-sales
User-Centric Decentralized Exchange, P2P Escrow Trading and P2P Lending Marketplace.
Token sale completed on 27 February
Goal: 5,000,000 USD
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DexAge strives to make P2P platform an autonomous ecosystem where our users, traders and investors would serve as the fuel and not just as the nuts and bolts of our platform. The real growth and development of DXG lies in the empowerment of its stakeholders, which we endeavour to achieve through the multipurpose functionality of our DexAge tokens. By enabling our users to stake, vote, pay loans and manage their assets in a decentralized exchange, trading and lending marketplace, our end-game is for DXG and its stakeholders to thrive with the proliferative potential of cryptocurrencies.

Token Sale: 29 November — 27 February
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