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Revolutionising Supply Chains through Blockchain
Token sale completed on 15 September
Goal: 90,000,000 DIS
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World over, brands and companies waste more than $1 Trillion due to lack of visibility of products through their supply chains. Without this data, brands end up spending their marketing budgets in an inefficient and sub-optimal manner. Without access to real time stock and sales data, they end up with stock-out or over-stock situations, both of which are costly. The Discovery solution helps address this problem through a three-layered solution of IoT hardware (Cliot), a Community of Public Users (Distributed Infrastructure) and a Data Analytics/AI layer. Our hardware is developed at a very low cost of $0.10 a piece which makes it affordable to for low-priced daily products like shampoo bottles. The user community who have our mobile application installed on phones, act as data harvesters in the network and get rewarded for lending their cellular data network for data transmission. The data analytics layer converts this data to meaningful information for brands to action upon.

Token Sale: 01 August — 15 September
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