Bitcoin -301.50
$10,289.97 -2.93%
Ethereum -8.00
$217.42 -3.68%
Zcash -2.23
$73.29 -3.04%
Monero -0.71
$83.32 -0.85%
Tether -0.00
$1.00 -0.11%
Stellar -0.00
$0.09 -2.99%
Blockchain-Based Social Media
Token sale completed on 10 October
Goal: 90,000 ETH
Website Whitepaper

Foresting makes it possible for content creators from all over the world to get rewarded. The concept of this new social media token can turn your content into a currency. Foresting is based on the creation of bitcoin and a philosophy shared by Satoshi Nakamoto and John Rawls on a more fair society. Accordingly, the Foresting network solves the asymmetry of the information that is prevalent in our society, pursues fair contracts, distributes them according to their ability, and shares active contributions with one another. Foresting is a blockchain based social media platform that deviates from the distribution system of traditional social media platforms. It provides a fair value distribution system for users who are the true owners of the platform. They deliver content through blockchain technologies and contribute to platforms in a variety of forms.

Token Sale: 10 September — 10 October
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