Bitcoin -559.63
$9,632.13 -5.81%
Ethereum -11.38
$203.91 -5.58%
Zcash -4.56
$67.90 -6.71%
Monero -2.25
$80.27 -2.8%
Tether -0.00
$0.99 -0.12%
Stellar -0.01
$0.08 -6.53%
Dependable Digital Asset Exchange
Token sale completed on 09 January
Goal: Not set
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INMAX comes as a novel cryptocurrency trading platform with the abovementioned advantages. Founded by PT.HAFIZ KOIN ASIA – a company that has so much experience in cryptocurrency trading, INMAX offers a simpler but more advanced platform design and high-quality customer support. These made INMAX a dependable, faster, easier, and safer trading platform. We translate the missions into every aspect of our business strategies. We know that every customer wants to be treated with care. Therefore, we attempt to provide the users with a responsive and caring trading platform, where every trader can learn and share each other. This allows us to create a system, where everyone contributes to the company’s success.

Token Sale: 20 November — 09 January
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