Bitcoin -481.37
$9,646.63 -4.99%
Ethereum -9.80
$204.51 -4.79%
Zcash -3.60
$68.43 -5.26%
Monero -1.80
$80.07 -2.25%
Tether -0.00
$0.99 -0.18%
Stellar -0.00
$0.08 -5.76%
Evolution of the Gold Standard
Token sale completed on 11 November
Goal: 15,000,000 USD
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Kinesis introduces yield-bearing digital currencies based 1:1 on allocated physical gold (KAU currency) and silver (KAG currency). The Kinesis currencies offer a unique yield system to encourage adoption and stimulate use. When KAU and KAG are transferred between holders the network collects a 0.45% fee that is then accumulated and distributed monthly, in varying proportions, to participants in the Kinesis Monetary System as a ‘yield’.

Token Sale: 10 September — 11 November
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