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Decentralized Database for Dating
Token sale completed on 30 November
Goal: 1,200 ETH
Website Whitepaper

LoveBlock is The Decentralized Database for Dating – DDD. LoveBlock (LB) is the most innovative Blockchain technology solution for dating worldwide. The LB blockchain infrastructure and dating platform are being built on the grounds set by EOS. LB will solve the core issues associated with online dating such as fraudulent activity, motivation to use the services by earning tokens and security by using the blockchain. Based out of our Singaporean laboratory, the LB team is working closely together with the hugely successful dating app Luxy ( who currently has more than 2 million users across the globe. With LB, fraud will easily be identified via our unique verification system. The information will be saved and encrypted on the LoveBlock blockchain allowing the data to be shared with other DApps. This will expose the scammers, thus preventing them from creating any more harm across the whole network.

Token Sale: 01 November — 30 November
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