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Making Dining Easier With Crypto.
Token sale will start 07 May
Goal: 20,000,000 MENU
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Small & quick transactions, like required in restaurants and bars, are not realistic with Bitcoin or Ethereum due to huge price fluctuations, long transaction times, and high fees. The Bitcoin network isn’t ideal for these type of transactions and the prior knowledge required by the business owner limited its reach to technologically advanced users only. MenuBuzz radically changed this by offering businesses a simple interface for their diners to order and pay with crypto which is converted and deposited into the merchants account in dollars. Now the business owner doesn’t have to understand what a blockchain is in order to accept cryptocurrencies. Exceptionally simple, but powerful in its simplicity. MenuBuzz accomplishes this through their utility token aptly named MENU. MENU Tokens are vouchers redeemable for food & beverages via the MenuBuzz website. Similar to digital gift cards, MENU Tokens are prepaid and can be exchanged or gifted to anyone else.

Token Sale: 07 May — 18 June
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