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The Future Of Security Tokens
Token sale completed on 31 January
Goal: 1,000,000 USD
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The securities market is a multi-trillion-dollar arena which remains virtually untouched in the blockchain space. Imagine unlocking that vast potential through a consolidated, enabling and self-regulating platform? MOBU targets a strong growth area in the market and in the same way will the MOBU platform grow, evolve and develop. MOBU offers a decentralised organised ICO platform to facilitate the release of compliant security tokens in the blockchain space. MOBU is the end-to-end solution for companies to in a user-friendly manner comply with the global security token market. A regulatory friendly token (linking ETH addresses to users by KYC/AML etc) is the only way to allow institutional money to the blockchain and a user-friendly platform is the only way to allow non-tech businesses to the blockchain.


MOBU demonstrates innovation and futuristic points of view by developing the ecosystem to its full potential by meeting the needs of MOBU users in a fully functionally manner. MOBU will increase usage and service by the following initiatives:

If MOBU raises 10m USD:

MOBU will develop the first forex and crypto percentage allocation money management (PAMM) ICO on MOBU’s platform and retain 20% of the authorised tokens to ensure that MOBU increases in value and that more resources are put into place to develop MOBU to its full potential. Blockchain was developed to prove data is real and this will be the first forex ICO that we are aware of. Blockchain Forex Managers will not be able to be dishonest about performance figures, management fees and assets under management anymore. This will ensure lower administration fees for investors. This will also allow for the tech requirements for fund managers to launch their crypto funds going forward in a legal manner.

If MOBU raises 20m USD:

MOBU will develop the first crowdfarming ICO on MOBU’s platform and will retain 20% of the authorised tokens to ensure that MOBU increases in value and that more resources are put into place to develop MOBU to its full potential. The blockchain is used for information that needs to be exposed. We will effectively provide detailed information and statistics about land around the globe to the blockchain with technology like combined with the latest drone technology to assure efficient farming and transparent information.

If MOBU raises 30m USD:

MOBU will develop a DECENTRALISED regulatory approved security token platform for MOBU tokens. This will give all investors the guarantee that all MOBU ICO`s can be listed on an exchange and liquidity will be ensured.  This will be the first decentralised security token platform!

The initial idea behind this initiative was to reward MOBU investors and token holders with additional tokens. Unfortunately, that will not pass the Howey test and would have made MOBU a security token. In terms of substance over form it would have been classified as a security token when profits are channelled back to investors. It is imperative that MOBU remains a utility token to get listed on other exchanges. We have revised this proposal to build a stronger ecosystem and the above mentioned three initiatives will be three separate ICO`s funded mostly by the money raised during MOBU ICO and offered at discount to future investors. All three ICO`s will be offered as security tokens with full legal compliance worldwide including KYC/AML and SEC approval. It is hereby evident that MOBU will not waste investor funds and will implement unique initiatives to ensure a strong ecosystem and actual blockchain use cases. This will also allow for stronger resources for the MOBU team to ensure strong future and continuous development.

Token Sale: 01 December — 31 January
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