Bitcoin -64.71
$5,260.95 -1.23%
Ethereum -5.91
$169.32 -3.49%
Zcash -2.58
$67.25 -3.83%
Monero -1.64
$67.75 -2.42%
Tether 0.00
$1.01 0.21%
Stellar -0.01
$0.11 -4.81%
Your Airdrop and Bounty Platform
Token sale completed on 27 January
Goal: 400,000 EUR
Website Whitepaper

Namek enables the users to collect tokens from ongoing ICOs by finding multiple Airdrops in the same platform. The platform is also a Bounty platform, enabling users to find freelancer missions paid with tokens and cryptocurrencies. And enabling team managers to handle their teams, payments, deadlines and tasks easily. The NMK token is a utility with a commercial purpose : From Airdrop / Bounty / freelancer listing to premium users accounts, all the services provided by Namek are payable with the NMK token.

Token Sale: 03 December — 27 January
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