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The Token That Solves The Global Nursing Shortage
Token sale completed on 31 October
Goal: 2,000,000 USD
Website Whitepaper


There’s a worldwide shortage of nurses that’s hit crisis levels. NurseToken tackles this problem head on with a de-centralized credential & payment system that increases nurse portability, enables hospitals to fill much needed positions on-demand, and offers more uniform and universalized payments to nurses worldwide.


1.4M in Pre-Commitments

Before even completing a whitepaper, NurseToken inspired key crypto influencers, VCs, and major medical industry players, resulting in $1.4M in pre-commitments.

Key Relationships

The NurseToken team has been building key relationships in the medical industry for over 18 years, including relationships with major hospitals and associations eager for NurseToken’s release.

Huge Potential

Nurses are the single-largest workforce in the world. Yet the World Health Organization estimates a nursing shortage of over 17.4m people in 2018, with individual hospitals spending as much as $2m / month in recruiting, training and hiring nurses. NurseToken streamlines this recruiting / hiring process and incentivizes nurses, increasing the flow of new nurses into the workforce.

Crowdsourced Approach

The nursing shortage is a global problem that needs a solution like NurseToken. Through a crowdsourced approach, we are quickly building a community and nurturing relationship within the global medical industry.


Nursing Shortage

Hospitals are doing what they can, but the current solution is clunky, slow, and expensive. Essentially, they’re forced to pay expensive staffing agencies for contractor nurses.

But because these agencies take such a massive cut, hospitals end up paying more, and nurses get paid less.

Nursing is already an incredibly grueling job though. This decrease in pay is deterring capable people from becoming nurses. But our world desperately needs nurses. Patients are already dying from the shortage. It’s only a matter of time until an epidemic shows us how critical this issue is.

Bureaucracy Holds Back Nurses

Because hospitals do not share information or nurse hiring practices, nurses must get new credentials for each hospital they wish to work at. This can take up to 3 months.

If a nurse then wishes to help another hospital in need, he or she will have to go through the process all over again to work there. There’s a shortage of nurses. And bureaucracy is rubbing salt on this open wound.


De-Centralized Credentials

Portable, trusted, and instantly-verifiable credentials via blockchain. No more 3-months-long process per hospital. Now, nurses get credentialed once, and can work anywhere, at any time.

Hospital Use Tokens

As part of the onboarding process for new nurses, hospitals will use NurseToken tokens to unlock and verify new nurses’ credentials. This, in itself, is a powerful form of built-in distribution for NurseToken. It also ensures safety, privacy, and fraud-proofing of nurse credentials.

Incentivize Nurses

With NurseToken – hospitals can now incentivize nurses who are the best fits for them. And it increases distribution of NurseToken as well. The result? Nurses receive powerful incentives to pick up more shifts… and these incentives make nursing far more attractive to the current and next generations of our world

Token Sale: 01 September — 31 October
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