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Decentralized Global Residential and Commercial Rental Platform Powered by Blockchain
Token sale completed on 26 September
Goal: $1,000,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

PlaceToRent is a decentralized global peer-to-peer rental platform in the space of commercial and residential rentals designed to facilitate and streamline the rental process through blockchain technology by providing transparent and efficient transactions while reducing the need for a trusted third party, and offer tools for such underserved segments of rental population as younger and low-income households to stand out in low vacancy markets. PlaceToRent is the first cryptographic real estate rental platform to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist households with invisible credit or work history in gaining access to rental opportunities and affordability. Their goal is to bring significant value to the rental industry and offer to all rental market participants a fair, secure and less costly experience within the rental process.

Token Sale: 04 June — 26 September
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