Bitcoin 548.85
$11,316.45 4.85%
Ethereum 7.00
$313.91 2.23%
Zcash -1.03
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Blockchain-Based Cryptographic Exchange for UGC
Token sale completed on 15 January
Goal: 5,000 ETH
Website Whitepaper

The REOS platform enables content creators to monetize their UGC, such as short videos, in a variety of ways, without a middleman, while making sure that the content is validated by the REOS community. All digital content contributed by content creators are also registered on the REOSchain, the main blockchain for the REOS community, to ensure accurate attribution of ownership of the digital assets. Content creators can be securely paid by various stakeholders, bypassing any intermediaries, by using REOS, a utility crypto-token issued by REOS Foundation. The value of the content will be determined by the REOS community rather than by any central authority, thus honoring the belief that “Truth is Value.”

Token Sale: 15 October — 15 January
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