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The Future of Finance
Token sale completed on 25 September
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Mass adoption of cryptocurrency is hindered by two problems: (1) the extreme crypto-market volatility and (2) the lack of high-quality software. The Rubius ICO seeks to solve these two problems. They’re developing a payment app named Aryl, which has a unique Volatility Shield feature that enables users to avoid market volatility when using cryptocurrency. The company behind the Rubius ICO, Rubius Inc., is a blockchain software company focused on creating high-quality cryptocurrency products, services, and solutions. Aside from Aryl, they will be developing a cryptocurrency exchange called Rubiex, merchant tools (i.e. payment gateways, point-of-sale software, etc), a unique blockchain platform, and many more products outlined in the Rubius whitepaper. All of their products are powered by the Rubius protocol, a token-based payment network operating on the Ethereum blockchain. At the heart of the Rubius protocol is the cryptocurrency called RUBY, which are ERC20 coins offered in the ICO

Token Sale: 21 August — 25 September
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