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Cryptocurrency, Softwares
White-Label Shop Software as a Service
Token sale completed on 08 September
Goal: Not set
Website Whitepaper

Shopiblock is a decentralized White-label SaaS provider. The first decentralized shop software as a service on the blockchain-market. Use Shopiblock to create the ultimate decentralized business in your niche. Launch a decentralized online store along with your own cryptocurrency to sell your products. In the digital age of 21st century, cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm with Bitcoin the most valued cryptocurrency today and there are more whose stock is rising and expected to beat Bitcoin in the near future. Shopiblock is developed with the idea that people will get to develop their own cryptocurrency on their own favorite domain along with launching an online decentralized store using users own tokens (via cryptocurrency) or Ethereum for payments.

Members Serkan Secgin – Founder & CCO

Rahel Baumgartner – Accounting Manager & CEO

Benjamin Weber – CBDO

Anthony Lange – CTO

Özgür Arslan – CMO

Christoph Wolf – CFO

Ankur Panch – Full Stack Developer

Deepak Jain – Soliditiy Expert

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$216.6884549 1.0000000 ETH 0.0211008 BTC
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