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$79.83 -3%
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Stellar -0.01
$0.08 -6.37%
With the creation of our first investment vehicle, “SPADECOIN,” individuals can confidently and easily invest in cryptocurrency assets aimed at delivering superior risk-adjusted returns.
Token sale completed on 20 September
Goal: 5,000 ETH
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Investing in cryptocurrency has proven to yield significant returns for investors. With the rapid adoption of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency has emerged as an exciting asset class of its own. We have seen unprecedented growth in the marketplace as innovative breakthroughs have led to exciting opportunities for investors. However, there are still barriers for many investors. Investing in cryptocurrency remains a complex and seemingly risky endeavor. The market is rapidly evolving, and these barriers are stopping investors from taking advantage. SPADECOIN wants to change that.

Token Sale: 30 July — 20 September
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