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Building Next Generation Infrastructure for Machine Learning Applications
Token sale completed on 31 March
Goal: 6000000 USD
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Titan is the newest, greenest, most cost-effective network for applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the marketplace today. Titan intends to address pressing industry challenges of insufficient computing power and skyrocketing costs by creating a distributed neural network to share the load across linked computers. Titan helps you take control of your computing costs with on demand, scalable computing power. Titan will leverage the power of the shared economy. With its unique business model, Titan plans to match suppliers and consumers of computing power across its network. Titan understands the need to help small businesses and enterprise access technological scalability to leverage the benefits of machine learning and has set out to develop unique solutions addressing matters of infrastructure for companies of all sizes. This can be accomplished by leveraging blockchain and cryptocurrency to create a distributed neural network.

Token Sale: 15 February — 31 March
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