Bitcoin -299.50
$10,257.01 -2.92%
Ethereum -8.12
$216.49 -3.75%
Zcash -2.23
$72.95 -3.05%
Monero -0.79
$82.91 -0.95%
Tether -0.00
$1.00 -0.17%
Stellar -0.00
$0.09 -2.97%
Tombola is a reliable lottery platform that draws on a blockchain basis. Users can purchase tickets through virtual currency and proceed with the game, and the prizes are automatically distributed according to the winnings. One will be able to freely use the value obtained through purchase or winning by using various game services and distribution system, which provides users with an opportunity to increase their value.
Token sale completed on 31 August
Goal: 25,000,000 TBL
Website Whitepaper

The first Cryptocurrency Lottery and Gambling platform based on EOS. Fair and fun, but no gas spending. Tombola will be the standard of the world Game and Lottery platform.

Token Sale: 01 July — 31 August
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