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Platform for Marketing Automation
Token sale completed on 20 October
Goal: 1140 ETH
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Triggmine is a decentralized platform for marketing automation. It is aimed to eliminate the main paint points for small and medium-sized businesses in eCommerce – lack of expertise and lack of resources. Triggmine creates a new generation of marketing with the self-adjustable intelligent system and payment for real user action. On the top of the platform there is an AI-powered personal assistant that helps businesses perform better with no manual intervention.

Email marketing automation is an unchallenged trend in the business world. Yet entrepreneurs are still not able to fully benefit from it because they lack the time or professional knowledge. We want to change that. With this in mind, we designed Triggmine, the first solution that allows entrepreneurs to run their business instead of email campaigns. This is possible due to the mix of artificial intelligence, smart contracts, and best marketing practices.


– Blockchain

Blockchain technology acts as the tool for decentralization and creating economic incentive. This is the only technology to ensure complete independence from the control of any principal party.

– Artificial Intelligence

The intelligent self-adjustable system assists in reaching a new level of personalization that will help small and medium-sized businesses compete with enterprises in terms of providing better customer experience.

– Consensus

Consensus is a multi-party agreement — a protocol followed by all types of involved parties. It enables the specification of the obligations each of the parties must follow to trigger the exchange of payment.


– For ecommerce businesses

Access all-in-one assistant that helps determine, analyse, and develop a way to lift an estore to the next league

– For AI developers

Get reward for providing info that positively affects the estore’s performance and a complementary market to offer their services

– For data providers

Get reward for each case of data usage by other platform participants and a complementary market to offer their services

-For marketing channels providers

Get reward for every successful user action in the estore and a complementary market to offer their services

Token Sale: 20 September — 20 October
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