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Blockchain for Delayed Flights
Token sale completed on 05 January
Goal: 107,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

Blockchain for flight delays. TrustaBit uses blockchain technology with smart contracts to automatically issue flight vouchers to passengers when their flights are delayed.

Through the use of smart contracts and distributed ledgers, TrustaBit :​

Provides airlines with a solution that is less likely to increase the friction in an already fraught situation – resulting in smoother experiences and less customer churn.​
Improves efficiencies in the Airline Compensation System through automation helping airlines keep costs down in an already cost sensitive industry. ​
Provides travellers with more choice when faced with disruption to their plans.​
Reduces likelihood of fraud associated with loyalty programmes – thereby reducing opportunity for human trafficking, terrorism and drug dealing.​
Actively contribute to the digitised token economy by providing real options for token redemption and token value creation.  ​

Token Sale: 05 November — 05 January
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