Bitcoin 403.09
$10,806.77 3.73%
Ethereum 3.01
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$53.29 1.08%
Monero 1.65
$88.04 1.87%
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Independent Decentralized Ecosystem
Token sale completed on 29 April
Goal: Not set
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We are implementing a new technology that includes the advantages of blockchain and DAG technologies, which will allow network users to make instant transfers without commissions, as well as launch smart contracts that are not tied to the stability of a particular programming language, using a completely open ecosystem with the ability to communicate within their social network. Dagchain technology allows you to work locally without cryptocurrency by integrating branded frameworks (authorization and backup) into your systems. You don’t have to keep heavy copies of the dagchain, all responsibility and burden falls on 101 law firms supporting the work and development of the dagchain who support the consensus of Proof of Trust.

Token Sale: 01 July — 29 April
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