Bitcoin 492.93
$10,857.44 4.54%
Ethereum 5.69
$201.11 2.83%
Zcash 1.25
$53.82 2.33%
Monero 1.90
$88.17 2.16%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 0.08%
Stellar 0.00
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A Blockchain Platform Designed for Human Mobility
Token sale completed on 01 January
Goal: 2,000,000 EUR
Website Whitepaper

A decentralized solution for a trillion dollar market. Developers and organizations can build DApps that offer services for ride/vehicle sharing, public transport and more. Autonomous car manufacturers can use our framework to manage data more effectively using Local Area Blockchains. VMC CORE is fueled by the VAI token.

Token Sale: 01 October — 01 January
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