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A New Way to Present, Measure and Monetize AD's
Token sale completed on 01 September
Goal: 390,000,000 MERO
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Developers gain access to not only reliable financial data, but also a deeply needed market intelligence (gathered through machine learning) with improved programmatic matching as well as funding for their new projects and ongoing revenues once their project is live. Gamers save money due to the shift from first sale to continuous revenue, further strengthening the free-to-play trend, which enables even more customers, for example from financially lower income regions, to be part of the gaming community. Through customer retention, they even get a share of the ad profits! Brands have a new and widely accepted way of gaining more recognition in one of the hottest markets available. Our data being processed through our blockchain minimizes ad fraud and manipulated data possibilities, generating trust, while our embedding technology counters ad blockers.

Token Sale: 04 August — 01 September
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