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Technology for the Alcoholic Beverage
Token sale completed on 18 March
Goal: 40000000 USD
Website Whitepaper

WTX Hub creates an entire blockchain based eco-system for the alcoholic beverage industry with a purely peer to peer alcoholic beverage exchange that facilitates online exchange of goods and services from one party to another without having to go through a third party. Also the crypto currency, WTXH, shall facilitate transactions, act as a quantifiable means of exchange and accurately define the criterion of the required exchange of items. A key part of the WTX Hub is our game changing blockchain distribution and retail technology and our consumer focused App. The eco-system is completed by a comprehensive social and community functionality along with tailor-made blockchain provenance authenticity and smart contract technology. Access WTX Hub and see into the window to the future of the Alcoholic Beverage industry

Token Sale: 07 January — 18 March
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