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Blockchain-based genomic ecosystem
Token sale completed on 17 September
Goal: 350 000 USD
Website Whitepaper

The Zenome project is a decentralized blockchain-driven database of genomic information.

Zenome platform supports the possibility to manage your genomic data while maintaining privacy and ability to make a profit from selling access to different parts of the genome. Zenome establishes equal conditions for drug development and for the progress of scientific and medical technologies.

The principal Zenome customers of genetic information are companies interested in genetic targeting such as Google, Facebook, Unilever and pharmaceutical companies.

Zenome DNA (ZNA) is a utility token on Zenome platform.

On the Zenome platform user is engaged in many types of different interactions throughout the system. These interactions take place at different system levels, don’t interfere with each other and involve different patterns of interactions. Thus, they should be represented as distinct entities that have different roles.

The participants who provide resources for the operation of this network receive payments for it in Zenome tokens.

Token Sale: 03 September — 17 September
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